So What Happened in Third, Anyway?

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Here is some essential information about me and why you want to hang around and keep reading!

The 5 Ws


My name is Marianna. 

I am a 3/4 gifted/high achieving teacher (say that 3 times fast) at a charter school in South Florida. I am super fortunate to team teach with one of my best friends in the world! She covers math and science, and I teach ELA and Social Studies. When I'm not telling my class bad jokes or hosting lip sync competitions, you can find me curled up on the couch with a good book, or watching a hockey game. I'm also big into hand lettering and bullet journals!


What am I doing on the interwebs? I'm sharing funny stories about my classroom, in addition to awesome resources you can use to enhance your reading instruction. I am a huge fan of choice boards and multiple intelligence theory, and I love coming up with different ways for students to work together on challenging tasks!

Every once in a while these two goofy gals make an appearance as well.


I started my TpT store in July 2015, and I try to show all my resources right here on this page.


In addition to this blog, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!


Why It Happened in Third? The name was inspired by a few things. My first venture into teaching 3rd grade was one of my favorite years ever. I became a National Board Certified Teacher, I had the greatest class (I had looped with them for three years and they were basically my children), and I created some awesome lessons. Also, if you've ever taught 3rd grade, you know ANYTHING can come out of their mouths at any given moment! On any given day, ANYTHING can happen in 3rd!

I love reading and connecting with other bloggers! Make sure to leave me a comment, I sometimes find the best blogs that way!


  1. HI!
    I just wanted to start off by saying that I am a big fan of your blog! I teach 3rd grade and I've got a lot of great ideas from your blog.
    I am a first year teacher and I wanted to start my blog to share everything that I have learned with other new teachers! Since my blog is very new there isn't a lot of action going on and I was wondering if you would like to/be interested in/willing to be a guest blogger on my blog! I would really like to get my blog out there and I would be very grateful if you could help! I would really appreciate it if you were a guest blogger, but I completely understand if you can't!

    Thanks for reading this email and again I really enjoy reading your blog!!

    Thanks again!!

    Erin M.
    Chevron and Crayons

  2. Hi Erin! Shoot me an email at and we can discuss details. Have a great day :)


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