Totally 90s Classroom Decor

The nineties are back, and they're better than ever! Bring the 90s into your classroom with the Totally 90s Classroom Decor line. The bright colors and geometric patterns will bring you right back to the days of boy bands, Zack Morris, and Keds with scrunchy socks! If you've been looking for a fun, cheerful classroom theme, check out the decor pieces and editable elements featured in this decor set.


All of the decor options feature 4 "Totally 90s" patterns- stick with one overall design or mix-and-match just like Blossom on TGIF. No matter what you choose, your classroom will be a fun and inviting space!

Creating student nametags is simple using an editable file. Just add a text box, type, and print! Have tables instead of desks? Add a little 90s flair with table signs!

An editable banner is one of the best pieces of classroom 
decor you can purchase. There are so many things you can create! Hang a WELCOME sign at the front of your class, create a stunning bulletin board display, use the individual letters as word wall headers- so many possibilities!

Color and shape posters are a great reference for younger students...and the 90s backgrounds will tie in the theme!

Nothing says "classroom" more than the traditional alphabet line, but why not make it more fun with a bright 90s pattern? This eye-catching alphabet line will be a focal point of your classroom.


Keep your supplies organized with these editable labels that can be used on a variety of containers!

Make your classroom radical with the Totally 90s Classroom Decor Bundle! By purchasing the bundle, you will save 30% over buying each item individually. Custom bundling is also available! Whether you choose one item or all 12, your classroom will look awesome and oh-so-Totally-90s!

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