March Choice Board: Tips and Tricks for Implementation!

Are you looking for ways to increase student voice and choice in your classroom? Choice Boards are a great activity to add to your teacher bag of tricks. They can be used in so many ways- for homework, independent work, or even in a center rotation! Here's a closer look at my March Choice Board, which is all about weird and wacky holidays in the month of March.


If you want to know all about Choice Boards in general, and how I used them in my classroom, check out this post.

March Choice Board

Like all of my other Choice Boards, the February Choice Board has 8 different activities, each corresponding with a different multiple intelligence. Each activity has something to do with a weird and wacky Marchholiday.

How Do I Use the March Choice Board?

Start out by giving each student a copy of the March Choice Board. I also like to give my students a copy of the rubric before they begin working on the tasks- this way they know exactly what they need to do to be successful!


Easy differentiation idea- print Choice Boards out on different colored paper. Students with a blue paper need to complete 3 tasks, students with a yellow paper need to do 2, etc. This makes it easy to keep track of who is doing what! Before students begin, they should know how many activities they are responsible for and when their work is due.


Once your students have selected their activities, they will need the corresponding Activity Cards.


There are several ways to utilize the cards:

  1. Print out the two Activity Card pages included and give a copy to each student. They will circle the directions they need.
  2. Print out several sets of cards and cut them out. Each student gets the individual Activity Cards they need.
  3. Project Activity Cards onto your whiteboard and review with the whole class before starting.
Activity Cards are great for our learners who struggle with completing things independently. The cards tell them exactly what is expected for each activity!

It's time to get started! Make sure each student has the Activity Sheets they need for the activities they selected. Each activity has a corresponding Activity Sheet. Some are graphic organizers or planning sheets, while others are intended to be the final product.

Here is a list of the activities included with the March Choice Board!

  • Art Smart- Design a Reading Quilt (National Quilting Day)


  • Word Smart- Make Your Own Holiday (National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day)


  • Logic Smart- Pizza "Pi" Facts (Pi Day)


  • Self Smart- Incredible Kid Letter (National Absolutely Incredible Kid Day)


  • People Smart- Happy Person Interview (National I Want You to Be Happy Day)

  • Body Smart- New Walking Path (National Take a Walk in the Park Day)


  • Nature Smart- Butterfly Fact Sheet (National Butterfly Day)


  • Music Smart- New Anthem (National Anthem Day)
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What is your favorite thing about Choice Boards?

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