Five for Friday: Rainbows and Butterflies Edition

Hi, everyone!

We started school two weeks ago and all I have to say is...what a difference a year makes!

It's no secret that last school year was not my favorite, It was Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Except it was all year.

I often dreamed of moving to Australia.

This year, however, is the complete opposite in every single way! I have two wonderful groups: the sweetest bunch of 3rd graders I've ever seen in the morning, and the wackiest, nuttiest, most hilarious group of 4th graders in the afternoon. I am so excited to see what these kiddos can do this year!

Flexible seating is a huge success!

I had planned to introduce it slowly, but when some of the tables that were supposed to be delivered to my room mysteriously disappeared, I made the executive decision to just go for it...and I'm so glad I did. 

First of all, the space:

Most of my options fold or can be stacked, so we can quickly rearrange the room depending on the activity. If we need extra space (for example, if we needed to sit in a circle, we can move the tables back. There's plenty of room for groups to meet and be spread out far away from each other.

Here are some of my options. At the end of the day everything is folded up, rolled up, or stacked up...the room looks different every day!

We've had to have a few talks about how flexible seating means choosing the place that helps you work the best, and not, for example, spinning around on a pillow in the middle of the classroom (#nothappeningkid), but for the most part, both groups have taken to it like a fish to water.

Here's a few shots of my friends working on The Beachy Teacher's Friend Wanted Activity Pack (ps...they loved this! Great for the beginning of the year.):

I'm looking forward to adding some more high-priced options, such as exercise balls and wobble stools, now that I see we can handle it!

Our school is big on MI, so we spent a lot of time these past few weeks learning about the smarts! 

My favorite resource to use to introduce MI is Laura Candler's MI Theory Book and Resources. After students take the quiz to determine what smart is their strongest, they color in this map that ranks all 8 smarts:

My students enjoy comparing and contrasting their results with their friends. I always take time to stress that MI is not about relying on your strongest smart, but looking for ways to develop all your smarts!

Students list their names under their strongest smart, and then also share their "Area of Expertise."

Here's a closer look at the Nature Smart poster. One student's Area of Expertise is animals, while another's is nature walks.

My goal is for students to refer to these posters when working on various projects and activities. For example, if they have an animal question, they can ask our animal expert for help!

Our principal's birthday was this week, and my 3rd graders wrote her acrostic poems spelling out HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

First, we brainstormed adjectives:

Are you not just blown away by this list??? I can't believe how strong their vocabulary game is this point of the year! After brainstorming, they made cards with the poem inside. They really took their assignment seriously! It was very cute to watch.

This adorable exchange happened while they were working:

Student 1: I can't think of another word to use for "Y."

Student 2: I can help you think of one if you want.

Student 1: That would be so great! Thank you!

They are so sweet to each other...I love it!

Another moment of cuteness from this week:

Students were able to enter the doghouse for the first time this week. I randomly select someone with Class Dojo, and that student gets to select a friend to work with inside Snoopy's house. 

This is a big deal.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I selected a 4th grade student today, and he gave up his turn to someone else because he had already been picked by his friend this week to work in the doghouse.


Last but not least, some funnies from my 3rd graders this week.

Their beginning of the year writing prompt directed them to write about their favorite food:

One student wrote about Chick-Fil-A, because they "have really good customer service."

Another wrote that eating tacos felt like "a million angels flying around in my mouth."

Somebody else wrote that a hamburger bun was "as soft as a fluffy pillow."

I think teaching writing will be fun this year!

Hope everyone is enjoying the school year so far! Don't forget to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share your Five for Friday!


  1. Oh my gosh, how cute is that Snoopy house??? Adorable. How sweet is that student who gave up his spot because he had been picked by a friend? That is the sweetest thing in the history of the world :) I'm so glad this year is much better. I'm looking forward to it as well because my incoming group is vastly different than my outgoing group.

  2. Too funny! So glad to hear this year is going much better for you! I love all of your multiple intelligence activities!

    Team J's Second Grade Fun

  3. I've never eaten anything that felt like a "million angels flying around in my mouth"! I'm not sure if I'm relieved or disappointed! Love your Snoopy doghouse. I want one, now.
    Laughter and Consistency

  4. I love your doghouse! I saw it at Target and resisted buying it, but I love the way you use it in your room!

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