Five for Friday: Almost Done Edition

It's Friday, so it's time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my favorite linkup!

I can see the finish line, friends! One more week to go.  This is short but sweet because I had a lot going on this week and even more going on this weekend! Here are five funny things that happened over the school year:

We have been working on some of the activities from the awesome 30 No Prep End of the Year Activities pack. One of the favorites was the "I Predict 10 Years from Now" activity, where the students predicted things such as where they would live, what kind of car they would have, etc. As you can imagine, the "My girlfriend's/boyfriend's name will be..." line inspired a lot of giggles! This response was my favorite.

I will have a boyfriend/girlfriend: No
His/her name will be: My dad will kill him

A while back, I was talking with one of my former students about her cousin who is in my class now...

Student: He was BAD when he got here. He would curse and everything!

Me: Really? I don't believe that.

Student: HE DID. He even said the "C Word"!

Me: (choking on my drink) What?!?!?!?!

Student: Yes, you know...C-R-A-P

Me: (huge exhale) Oh! Yes, that is bad.

At dismissal, a boy in my class came up to me. "Have you heard of the 'Prince of Ballet'?" he asked. 

"Uhh..." I replied.

"You know, " he said. "it has that guy, Will Smith, and he gets in a cab because he's in trouble in his neighborhood..."

"Do you mean "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?" I asked.

"THAT'S IT!" he screamed...and then proceeded to tell me everything that happened in the opening credits in excruciating detail.

Same student...

About a month after we completed a two week unit all about the Statue of Liberty, he comes bounding up to me:

Student: I know why the Statue of Liberty was important!

Me: Great!

Student: She was the first woman to fly an airplane!

Me: Wait, what?

Guess I'll be revamping that unit this summer!

At recess this week: 

Student: It's kinda supfam out here.

Me: I don't know, I think it's a little more like updog.

Student: What's updog....HEY YOU STOLE MY JOKE!


Have a great weekend, everyone! Don't forget to head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching!


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  2. Replies
    1. We tried to get him to do the theme song for the talent show, but he chickened out! Hope your summer started out great!

  3. These stories are adorable! I'm always chuckling at the conversations I have with students...out of the mouth of babes!
    I also have one week left...woo hoo!

    Teaching Voracious Learners

  4. I love the things kids say! It keeps teaching interesting.

    1. It certainly does, I don't think I'd be having these type of conversations in a corporate office! At least, I hope not! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Love your conversations with kids! I always tell myself to get better at recording them. Are you just good at remembering or do you write these funny convos down straight away?
    Here's my first ever Five For Friday:

    1. I have a pretty good memory, but there's always some conversations I could kick myself for not writing down. I'm glad I have the blog now to keep track! Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Hi Marianna, You KNOW I love funny kid stories... but I'm NOT smarter than a third grader.... what is supfam and updog. I googled supfam and it's not THAT :) Have a great last week. I have two to go. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

    1. So the next time you need to tell a lame joke, say "Boy, it smells like updog in here." The other person will say, "What's updog (what's up, dog)" and then you say, "Not much, what's up with you?" Get it? The kids will think it's hilarious! Supfam is just the more modern version of updog, lol.


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