Why We Do This Wednesday

Welcome to Why We Do This Wednesday!

My intention is to focus on those small moments that keep us teachers going in spite of ALL.THE.THINGS we deal with that can drag us down. It could be a conversation with a former students, or a kind email from a parent, or just a funny anecdote from your day that reminds you that what you chose to do can be pretty great sometimes. I'd love if you commented and shared one of the reasons why you do this!

Respect Cards
As I was checking my mailbox a few weeks ago, I found something unexpected among the fundraiser flyers and Scholastic News magazines. There were two handwritten cards: one said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"while the other proclaimed "Best Teacher Ever!" What I read inside the cards when I opened them couldn't help but bring a smile to my face.

The 6th graders this year (my 4th grade students from two years ago) had been learning about Confucianism and how it was a philosophy based on respect. As part of their assignment, they had to write letters to teachers who they respected. 

In 4th grade you would make me smile every morning, said one.

If it wasn't for you I would be totally off track right now, stated the other.

The greatest thing about these cards is that they came from kids that I would never had realized I made an impact on. It goes to show you that those little things you do can make a lasting impression! 

It was a great assignment and those cards definitely brightened my day.

Did you have something happen recently that helped you remember why you do this? Share in the comments!

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