Five for Friday 4/29/16

Every time I think a week seems like the longest one ever...a new week comes along to put that one to shame! It is FINALLY Friday (well, it's Saturday but I didn't have wifi yesterday!) and I am delighted to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday

So you're telling me the full moon was last week? Could have fooled me! Here's the highlights from my crazy week:

Reason #1 this was a never-ending week...we had our marble tile restored, which means the house was in shambles.

My couch was on the patio...

My dining room table was in the garage...

...and worst of all...

...the wifi was disconnected.

Here is the before shot. I'd love to show you the after, but we (still) don't have everything set up.  

Reason #2 this week was crazy (but in a good way)...we had our annual Vocabulary Hat Parade.

My kids did an awesome job with this project! They were incredibly proud to show off their hats. 

Since we try to incorporate the multiple intelligences in our classroom at all times, we brainstormed a list of how thy used their smarts when working on their hats. Here's what they came up with:

Art Smart: Designing and creating the hat
Logic Smart: Arranging themselves in ABC order for the presentation
Word Smart: Researching and learning about the word
People Smart: Making eye contact while presenting our word to the audience
Nature Smart: Using found objects to make the hats
Body Smart: Coming up with a "pose" to make that represented the word...let me tell you, this was a show stopper!

This is one of my favorite memories of this year, by far.

Reason #3 this week was crazy...yesterday the A/C broke in our hallway.

Which is not fun.

Especially when you live in South Florida.

I will say my kids were quite the little troopers. We made fans, and tried to move and talk as little as possible, so we didn't add any unnecessary "hot air" to the room. By the end of the day, however, we all wanted to GO HOME.

This was not one of my favorite memories of the year.

You know you've been a teacher for a long time when you can decipher this conversation...

Student 1: I saw a funny movie on TV the other day. It was called Russia something...

Me: ?????

Student 1: Russia...Russian...time? I don't remember. Something Russia Time.

Me: ?????

Student 2: Oh, I know! It has that Chinese guy in it. He's funny.

Me: Do you mean...RUSH HOUR?!?!

Student 1: Yes, that's it! It's hilarious.

Hours...time...logical brain leap there!

The only thing that has helped me keep my sanity this week was setting my bullet journal up for May.

Still working on a few pages, but I love how it's shaping up so far.

I'm loving the concept so much I bought a separate journal just for TpT. I just started setting it up but I look forward to showing you how I use it to keep track of my ideas, among other things!

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to share your own Five for Friday!


  1. We may not be in Florida, but I can relate to no air conditioning. It's miserable! We spend many afternoons with the lights out trying to move as little as possible. I really LOVE the vocabulary hats! That is such an adorable idea!
    Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

  2. Thank you! They came out really well this year! It is so hard to get everyone to pay attention when they are hot and sweaty, ugh!


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