Sunday Scoop 12/13/15

Happy Sunday!

I don't know about you, but I have one more week to get through before the most-needed break in my entire life...and it's a busy one, so I hope it goes by quickly!

Today I'm linking up with The Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop...hopefully, it will keep me on track like it usually does!

Here's the plan for this week...


Unfortunately, no wrapping elves have shown up at my house, so I guess it's time to dig into the pile of Amazon boxes and get started! I also have a few more things I need to order or pick up, and then I will be done with shopping, right on schedule. The refrigerator has less than nothing inside of it, so it's time to make yet another trip to Publix! 


I really need to get back on to the Pinterest train again, especially in regards to getting my new items out there. I also want to have my plans done for the first two weeks after break...we are coming back from our trip the Sunday right before we go back so I want to have at least one thing I don't need to worry about,


It seemed like as good a day as any to go stare at some animals, so a zoo trip was in order. My favorites are the monkeys and the otters! Nothing like some animals fooling around to put a smile on your face.

Hope everyone's having a relaxed Sunday! Make sure to show some love to the Trio!

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  1. If the wrapping elves stop by your place would you please send them my way? I hear ya, lots of wrapping to do. Good plan to get your plans out of the way before your trip.
    iTeach 2nd


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