Sunday Scoop 11/22/15

Happy Sunday! I'm back on the blogging wagon and linking up with The Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop.

Here's what I'm up to today:


I've been staring at the pile of laundry I pulled out of the dryer since's time to find everything a home. I also need to finalize my plans of what I'm contributing for Thanksgiving and maybe get some food shopping done. Finally, my gray hairs need to go! I already feel like I'm 70 most of the time, don't need to look like it, too!


We are still tentatively planning to go to DC for winter break (we're going to drive so we don't really need to make advance plans), and if we do, I have no shoes suitable for walking around the city! I also have a $20 coupon for DSW, so perfect timing! I also need to do something with my nails, they've been so neglected lately!


This fellow I live with, he is really something. I've had a lot going on lately and haven't been feeling my best, and he's been by my side taking care of me through all of it. Tonight it's my turn to do something for him and make him a special dinner. He's requested shepherd's pie, which I've never made...we'll see how it goes! Off to look at recipes now!

Hope your Sunday is relaxing and you have an amazing Thanksgiving Break! Thanks for visiting and don't forget to check out The Teaching Trio!


  1. Aww that's sweet about the special dinner. I hope it comes out amazing! Never had shepherd's pie, so I looked it up and it sounds great!

    Your hopes sound fun! I think the last time I had a mani/pedi was seven months ago! Enjoy that time for yourself...and I hope you're able to get rid of the gray hairs.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. It was great! We ate the whole pan, which never happens!

  2. Shepherd's pie sounds delicious! Hope it turns out great.
    Always Primary


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