Currently! November

I'm here battling a nasty flu bug (seriously, has there been a week that I have NOT been sick this year?!?!?) but I just to link up with Farley for Currently! Any typos/incoherence can be blamed on the medication! brain can't handle anything much harder than Vanderpump drama right now! sister will be here for her birthday this weekend! Yay!

Thinking...the work keeps piling up, but I've been awake a total of about 4 hours the past few days. It will get done, it will get done...

Wanting...If I could wake up tomorrow morning and feel like this flu thing never happened, that would be great...

Needing...Sleep seems to be the only thing that makes me feel better, so I'm heading to bed right after I hit publish!

Yummy...I don't know about you, but I am all about the sides and appetizers. Turkey...I can take or leave it, but give me ALL the stuffing and casseroles!

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to link up with Farley if you haven't already!


  1. I hope that you are feeling better now! I've not had the flu yet this year, but my second graders have passed their colds to me a few times this season! I hear you about the piles of work....I have them too....but am just too tired after long school days to attack them some nights! We all need personal assistants, don't you think?
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  2. Oh yuck! Isn't feeling sick the worst?! Here's hoping that you get some relief!

    The sides! Absolutely! Carb heaven - nothing better!

    Have a great November!

    1. Can't wait to dig into a plate full of carbs this Thanksgiving!

  3. I hope that you're feeling better, and sorry about that growing pile of work. IT happens to me even when I'm not sick! Have fun with your sister this weekend!

  4. I'm a carboholic too! I love the sides. The turkey is just an after thought. I hope by now you are better and counting down to Thanksgiving break.

    1. Man, I barely made it, but I'm in a carb coma now!


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