Sunday Scoop 10/4/15

Hi everyone!

This Sunday started off with a wonderful (/sarcasmfont) headache, but I think it's finally gone! I've been enjoying this beautiful day, but I wanted to make sure to check in with the Teaching Trio and share my Sunday Scoop

Here's the lowdown on my Sunday:

After the week from you-know-where,  I was not interested in anything school related after the dismissal bell sounded, which means I had to take care of lesson plans this morning. I'm also starting another fall theme choice can see all my choice boards here! Got my lunches ready to go for the week...if I could be on top of everything as I am my meal planning, I'd be in great shape!

Well, I got my workout in...we went out and played tennis for a bit. I'm awful but I enjoy playing. I'd like to work on my Pinterest boards a bit, but that may not happen today.

We headed to the movies to see The Martian! I definitely needed to sit in the dark for a few hours and attack a box of Junior Mints. I thought it was a good movie, now I want to grab the book!

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to The Teaching Trio for hosting!


  1. I love your multiple intelligence resources and choice boards!

  2. Oh, thank you! I really appreciate that!


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