Five for...Saturday 10/3/15

I think my theme for this week is "running behind schedule," so it's only fitting that I post my Five for Friday on Saturday! Thanks for stopping by...and thanks to Kacey for hosting!

In all honesty, the best thing about this week...was that it ended. I think we've all been there! However, I'm going to make sure I relax and enjoy my weekend, so I can be ready to start fresh on Monday. No matter how hard it can be sometimes, I'm of the opinion that positive energy breeds more positive energy!

I just joined up with Bloglovin' and am still learning my way around...if you'd be so inclined to click the button to your right to give me a follow, it would be much appreciated!

Hot off the presses! My newest choice board...celebrating all things pumpkin!

I really enjoyed coming up with the activities for this one!

South Florida is getting a "cold front" this weekend...with a low of 75. I'll take it! It's actually gorgeous outside right now...trying to convince that guy I live with to do something fun outdoors today!

Treated myself to this on the Kndle...

I tore through Me Before You this summer, and I'm hoping the sequel is just as good. Can't wait to curl up on the couch with it!

Wishing everyone a relaxing weekend! If you're tardy for the party like me, you can still link up at Doodle Bugs Teaching!


  1. We had a crazy week too! There was a full moon and I blame it all on that (well and the fact that we had some kind of drill interruption 3 days this week!). Hopefully your weekend is restful and relaxing!

  2. Thank you! I chose to pretend I was not a teacher today, so I could have a moment of sanity!

  3. Wow, I could've written part one of your blog post! I had to choose, ON PURPOSE, to NOT think about school yesterday. I love my job, but balance isn't my best thing! Have a wonderful Sunday! I'm hoping to visit a corn maze or something else "fallish".
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. Sometimes you have to shut your brain off! We don't have "fall" here, so I'm so jealous of all these activities I see people posting about!


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