Sunday Scoop 9/6/15

Hello there!

Sundays really take on a magical quality when they are followed by another day off, don't they!

I'm going to go take advantage of this beautiful day, but I wanted to make sure to link up with The Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!

Here's what I have planned for the day:

I do want to get some laundry out of the I don't have to worry about it tomorrow. I'm also *thisclose* to wrapping up a product I've been working on since school started, and I want to try to get it finished and posted. Most importantly, I will not be looking at my work email! I'm not a total "work to the rule" person, but I do believe that vacation time is vacation time (even when I'm not going anywhere special)...there is nothing that can't wait!

I'd like to go check out some Labor Day seems like a #treatyoself day to me! I also want to sit down and plan all blog and social media posts for the week.  This week I saw the power of something being posted in the right place, and I want to keep the momentum going!

Speaking of Labor Day sales...everything in my TpT store will be on sale from September 7-8! Check it out!

We have a little "tradition" of making Sunday dinner together. It's nice to relax and enjoy each other's company rather than go out...a little healthier, too! For the first time, we already know what we are making! Usually around 6:30 or so we're going, "Uh...what are you thinking...maybe tacos?"  We're going to make these Lemon Rosemary Chicken Thighs.  I've become a recent chicken thigh convert, so much flavor!

Make sure to relax and enjoy your weekend! Don't forget to link up with The Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!


  1. Treat yourself indeed! Happy Labor Day weekend. :)

  2. That chicken looks awesome! Hope you had a wonderful day!
    Chalk & Apples and Teaching Trio

    1. It was really good! I would definitely recommend it if you are a lemon fan.


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