Sunday Scoop 9/20/15

It looks to be a beautiful Sunday outside! Nice change from all of the RAIN we had this week.

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Here's what's happening in my neck of the woods today:

You will notice that the word "laundry" does NOT appear anywhere on this list! Happy Sunday, indeed!

Have to do- I'm definitely trying my hardest to keep on this clean eating kick, Someone noticed that I lost weight last week, so I must be on the right track. Going to prep my lunches and make something in the Crock Pot that will last me for the week...thinking Chicken Ropa Vieja sounds good! I'm also going to give some TLC to my shoulder, which I hurt who-knows-when doing who-knows-what. Right now nothing seems to be working...

Hope to do- Trying to keep that social media momentum going. I need to beef up some Pinterest boards and get some of my newer products circulating. I already explained my love of Buffer in my Five for Friday post this week...need to fill it with content for this week! Since *somebody* is going to be glued to the TV watching football all day (just kidding...he deserves a break!) this is the perfect day to do this.

Happy to do- I just finished the Lauren Conrad :"Fame Game" trilogy (shut brain needed a break!) it's time to see what my library has to offer. I use the Overdrive app and download the books to my Kindle. No more late charges!

Have a great Sunday! Don't forget to link up with your Sunday Scoop.


  1. I really don't know what I would do without my heating pad... I use it for EVERYTHING! Thanks for sharing your scoop :)

  2. Oh I know, you'd think I was a 70 year old woman the way I have my heating pad out all the time. Thanks for stopping by!


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