Classroom Semi-Reveal 2015


Thrilled to have made it for the third day of Teacher Week 2015. Check out Blog Hoppin' to join in the fun.

Today we're focused on our homes away from our homes, our classrooms.

It figures the year I decide to start a blog is the year I have the least Pinterest-worthy classroom of my career.  The reason is this:

These lovely machines (which I am incredibly grateful for) have yet to be fully installed, and unfortunately I cannot really decorate or organize the areas around them until the workers are completely finished (I never know what they need to move/drill/etc., and they take up 2 of my 4 walls). So, in the meantime, I've been working around them the best that I can. Fingers crossed that everything was finished tonight!

Here are a few pictures of some areas that I've managed to make cute:

This is my outside bulletin board. On the first day of school students answered the prompt, "You won't 'be-LEAF' what happened on the first day of school!" and decorated a leaf with their name on it.

This is some of the work we did on the first week. On the left are posters they made after we read What if Everybody Did That?  Following the format of the book, the left side of the poster showed someone making a mistake once, and the right side showed what would happen if everyone did the same thing. On the right side of the board are some of our "Perfect Classmate" diagrams.

This is my common board area, where I list my objectives and essential questions. To the right is my levels of understanding rubric.

This year I'm experimenting with a word bank instead of a word wall. I feel like (for me) my word wall took up a lot of space and I did not use it effectively enough. The other half of the word bank is on another set of cabinets.

Everything else is still in a box or waiting to be put up! Hopefully I can update this reveal soon and you can see I really do have great classroom decorating skills!

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  1. Your Peanut theme is cute! I love the Snoopy board. My daughter had a teacher who loved all things Charlie Brown and Snoopy. Thanks for sharing. Have a great year!

    Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

    1. Thank you! It's been my theme for awhile...even before they started selling stuff in the stores for classrooms!


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