Monday Made It! Who's Ready for a TpT Sale?

It's Monday again?!?!?!

I'm linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It!

Getting closer and closer to the end of summer here!

Although my TpT store is about 3 weeks old, I already hated some of my I redid them in time for the big sale!

Image from Stavroula Kampakou



It's amazing what you can learn on Powerpoint in a few weeks!

Speaking of the sale, I just finished up my Noun Power Pack

It has everything you need to teach a unit on nouns! Can't wait to use it this year!

I was in the Target Dollar Spot (AGAIN) and came across these foam counting blocks and little container:

I'm going to use them as little incentives my students can give to each other. We have a schoolwide economy where students earn "bucks" for a variety of things. Usually I'm the one giving out the bucks, but I figured why can't the students join in on the fun?

The idea is that the students can select a block to give to another classmate who has been helpful in some way. For example, if Jimmy helps Suzy pick up her markers when she drops them on the floor, Suzy can give Jimmy a block that he can redeem with me. I will then add the bucks to his account.  There are $1, $3, and $5 blocks. In the beginning of the year, I will keep the blocks with me, so I can ask why the block is being given out and make sure the system is being used correctly, but hopefully at some point in the year the students will be able to grab a block and hand it out to a deserving classmate without me needing to monitor it. I read Learn Like a Pirate this summer and fell in love with the way he described his classroom, and I want to really make a conscious effort to move my classroom environment in that direction.

That's it for me! Head over to 4th Grade Frolics to join in on the fun! 


  1. Those blocks are a precious idea. I might need to hunt some of those down to go with my "bucks" that I give out too! Thanks for sharing!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Cute cover update :) Your noun's pack looks awesome. Good luck on the sale.
    @ Wiley Teaching

  3. Love your bee blocks. I love using an economy system.

    1. Sorry ! I am half asleep didn't mean to say bee blocks. Buck Blocks look easier to manage than paper.

    2. It was our first year doing it schoolwide, so we have some kinks to work out, but I like it!

  4. I really like the idea of the students praising and having that sense of belonging/ownership with the class. I hope your block system is a great success!

    My Bright Blue House

  5. I love the cover redo. It is so cute! And I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE the blocks idea! Learn like a Pirate has been on my reading wish list and now I REALLY want to read it! I may have to figure out a way to create a similar system in my room. Thank you for the amazing idea!!

  6. Thank you so much! Learn Like a Pirate is a game changer. I can't recommend it enough. If you have Kindle Unlimited, I think it's free (it was when I read it). Thanks for stopping by :)


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