Five for Friday: Put on a Happy Face Edition

Well, I may have had my doubts earlier in the week...but Friday has actually arrived! It's time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday

Let's be honest...we all know planning week wouldn't be planning week without something crazy happening! However, this planning week takes the cake for me. I wanted this Five for Friday post to be pictures of my awesome new classroom, but...I only have an awesome half of a classroom due to some new desktop computers that are still patiently waiting on my floor to be installed. Anyhow, I'm going to ignore the fact that half my classroom is in shambles and that the plan is to do the installation Sunday, which means I will be walking into a construction zone Monday, and focus on the fact that all my students I met at Meet and Greet today were ADORABLE. Here are five things I plan on doing this week to set the tone for my classroom this year.

Of course I forgot to snap a picture of this (bad blogger) but when each student enters the classroom Monday, there will be a sheet of tin foil and 5 pipe cleaners on their desks. The students will be encouraged to build something while I take care of all those fun first day tasks.  Then, for our first Morning Meeting, students will be encouraged to share what they built. From this point, they may pair up to compare and contrast their creations, or form groups based on the shapes they come up with...the possibilities are endless! It;s also a great chance for me to see who dives into a creative challenge like this, and who hangs back, as well as those who are ready to share right away, and those who are going to need a lot of scaffolding when it comes to talking in front of the class.  With all the craziness this week, I have forgotten the teaching blog that I saw this on, but the original idea came from Housing a Forest.

We will go over our classroom rules on the first day. This year I am basing my rules off of the book Setting Limits in the Classroom (which I have mentioned on this blog about 340957943 times prior).
We will look at a PowerPoint depicting the rules, and then come up with anchor charts showing what each rule looks like and doesn't look like. Throughout the rest of the week we will do activities to reinforce the rules, such as posters and skits. You know how much kids like to act out doing something "wrong"!

Students always love to do my Super Bingo and Super Interview activities.

After a summer of doing who knows what, most students aren't excited come back to school and sit at a desk all day! These activities get them up and moving, as well as interacting with their classmates. We do a lot of collaborative learning, so they need to get used to working together!

I found this poster that goes along with my Peanuts theme:

Too cute! After we look at the poster together, students will create their own diagrams of a "Perfect Classmate" which they will share with a group. We'll display these so everyone can get a look at the qualities that make a perfect classmate!

Raise your hand if you've read "The Important Book" during the first week of school!

In years past, we would read it and then the students would make important books about themselves. This year I'm going to switch it up and have students make books about each other! They can use the information they got from each other in the Back to School Interview to complete the book.

I'm looking forward to using these activities this week. Do you have any tried and true first week activities?

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  1. Wow, I really love your tin foil and pipe cleaner idea! That is such a fun and unique activity! Let us know how it goes.

    Carlee Van Ness
    The Kindergarten Press

  2. You know, I have WANTED to read "The Important Book" for years in our classroom, but for various reasons, I never have! I own the darn book, I just need to make plans to do it!

    1. Do it! There are so many things you can do with that book!


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