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April Book Picks: All About Earth Day

Read all about the books I'm adding to my class library in honor of Earth Day!
Classroom libraries are more than just a depository of books: they are a learning tool. I am committed to adding books to my library that help my students make sense of the world around them. In my mind, you are never too old to enjoy a good picture book, and it brings me such joy to see my students seek out books that we read aloud together so that they can enjoy them again on their own. I invite you to join me each month as I select books each month to enrich and round out my book collection. This month's focus: Earth Day!

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March Book Picks: Women's History Month

I am committed to continuously adding engaging, rich, diverse reads to my classroom library. It's important to me that my library is a reflection of the students in my classroom, with all of their diverse cultures and backgrounds represented. It should also be a place where my students' eyes are opened to people and countries they may never have heard of. I invite you to join me as I select books each month to enrich and round out my book collection. This week's focus: Women's History Month!

5 Chapter Book Series That Turned My 3rd Graders from Reluctant to Ravenous Readers (with a Freebie)!

Third grade teachers spend a lot of time guiding their students towards being independent readers. Some of our friends come to us with an intrinsic love of reading, and would love nothing more than to curl up in a cozy corner of the classroom and read all day. However, there are other kiddos who find reading about as exciting as going to the dentist. What do you do to get ALL your to love to read?

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