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10 Ways to Make this the Best January Ever- #3 May Surprise You!

Coming back from Winter Break is the perfect time for teachers to reflect, reorganize, and refresh! Even though most of us are halfway through the year at this point, coming back in January always feels like a fresh start (or a second chance). Here are some tips for you to start the year right in your classroom and make this the BEST JANUARY EVER:

picture of colored pencils with the text: 10 Ways to Have the Best January Ever

Finding Books for Your Classroom

Finding books can your classroom can be a costly endeavor! However, if we want our students to become book lovers, it is vital that we provide them access to tons and tons of books. Would you believe me if I told you it was possible to fill your classroom library with books without spending your whole paycheck? I've compiled a list of my favorite ways to find cheap books to expand my classroom library for you below:

Picture of a stack of books with the title "Finding Books for Your Classroom: 5 Ways to Grow Your Library"

January Choice Board: Tips and Tricks for Implementation

Are you looking for ways to increase student voice and choice in your classroom? The New Year is a great time to try out something NEW with your students like this January Choice Board! Choice Boards are a great activity to add to your teacher bag of tricks. They can be used in so many ways- for homework, independent work, or even in a center rotation!


Not familiar with how Choice Boards work? Read on for some tips and tricks for using the January Choice Board!

4 Simple Holiday Gift Ideas for Students that Won't Break the Bank

Have you been looking for simple holiday gift ideas for your students? I've compiled a list of gifts for your class that are easy to put together AND easy on the budget. Not only that, your students will love them!

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